Geslaagd HBO-ICT Job & Student Event 2022

On Friday, October 7, 2022, HBO-i organized the annual HBO-ICT Job & Student Event in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. With around 1300 participants, 35 exhibitors and 120 teachers, we can look back on a successful edition. The day was kicked off with an inspiring keynote by Daniel Gebler, CTO of Picnic. Among other things, he called on students to make work of their dreams; a message that was heard, as witnessed by the questions that came from the audience.


Sandra van Steenvelt, from the HBO-i board, made it clear during the opening that this is a national event. Students from all over the world were present. Maurice van Veghel, the chairman of the Advisory Board of HBO-i, informed the students in the auditorium of the Beatrixtheater how important their role is in the future and how much they themselves have control. Daniel Gebler complemented this nicely with his story about Picnic and managed to inspire students: dare to break with existing standards and develop your ideas. Three speakers who complemented each other well and managed to inspire and motivate those present to work on their future. And it’s no exaggeration to say that chances are the innovative leaders of 10 years from now have been sitting here in the room!

ICT field

It is therefore not surprising that the professional field lined up to get to know this target group better. 30 exhibitors filled the exhibition floor and managed to attract attention in an inviting and interactive way. With popcorn, a photo shoot, Wheel of Fortune and fresh stroopwafels, but also with interesting conversations. Everything contributed to an excellent atmosphere during the Job & Student Event. The students find the day both useful and fun. And it’s amazing how full the bags of the students who returned home were! Hopefully, the goodies and contacts gained will lead to promising careers for the students.


So there was plenty of interaction, also for the teachers present. They could go to the Teachers Event, which took place simultaneously around the exhibition floor. After the keynote there were round table sessions where colleagues exchanged experiences and insights in an open conversation. There were round table discussions about the Associate degrees, for example, but also about open education, professional skills, graduation and the Domain description. The afternoon was devoted to work sessions and workshops. A substantive workshop was about quantum computing , lecturer Marten Teitsma of the HvA took us along in this development. And Ernst Bolt from Windesheim took us along in a story about student participation through a self-developed tool, Tasker. In addition, there were two working sessions, one on promoting inclusiveness in ICT education and one on the Domain Description.


So something for everyone. We look back on a varied, successful day. Thanks everyone who contributed to this!

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